$OKLG, a crypto coin leading the way in a new era of “cross community interoperability”.

What Is $OKLG?

Is a new crypto coin which stealth launched on 14th November 2021.

It is touted to have implemented brand new, never seen before dynamic features in their contract. In the real world this means they have built the weapons and tools needed to customise their own contract at will.

Or they can link into another crypto coin and create a custom for the other community. Helping to support the community of the other coin.

On the website, OKLG states this is known as “Dynamic and conditional tokenomics with innovative, on-chain logical hooks.”

No one really knows what this means yet. We are only 4 days into the stealth launch, however this article is going to try to hazard a guess on the features that may be possible. And the potential this coin has to change the crypto world forever.

Examples of how OKLG could be used

By creating a smart contract that implements some extremely in-depth coding and interfaces, OKLG could dynamically elevate ANY crypto coin project rewards.

They could select ANY wallet they choose and say “hey, we don’t think this wallet should pay any fees, or taxes for a set period of time”.

Holding a minimum balance of another token? Get rewards boosted!

Hold an NFT from a collection the community likes? Get rewards boosted!

OKLG has the ability to interact with the community and based on feedback, change the smart contract at will. They can update the contract whenever they want to benefit the crypto coin in the future.

Who is behind $OKLG?

No one actually knows.

The developers have said if OKLG reaches £100 million market cap, they will fully reveal themselves.

They are said to be crypto legends in the space. Extremely well known in the huge community.

There have been hints at the person responsible for building the Floki code, to be the main dev of this. The same #FLOKI’s lead dev Jackie Xu, who once worked on the Vyper project alongside Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.


There have been hints it could also be Mr Brown Whale, another person involved in the Floki dev team.

Nothing is official, but there is constant talk about a Floki guy being a part of the OKLG dev team. It would make sense. It would take a highly intelligent person to create custom smart contracts never seen before.

Who else could it be?

  • Elon Musk

After 2 hours of launching, Elon tweeted 2 numbers.


It just so happens that is exactly the same supply as OKLG.

Coincidence? Who knows.

  • Alex Becker

Becker is a marketing genius. Currently working on a crypto project known as Neo Tokyo.

OKLG was actually mentioned in their super secret Neo Tokyo discord group, many hours before release. Multiple times. This makes people suspect OKLG might just be a Becker project.

Alex Becker constantly talks about building a project which helps other communities and businesses. OKLG would tick that box.

Until we reach 100 million mcap, we may never know.

  • Moontography

Responsible for the successful bridge of Floki which catapulted floki to 3 billion market cap, from just around 50–100 million.

Moontography was heavily involved in setting up OKLG. They worked on custom code, not only for their atomic swap bridge but also to help with the smart contracts. To enable the ability to help other communities.

No one really knows to what extent Moontography is involved with in the OKLG dev team. However he has connections. Contacts and connections will get you extremely far in life.

Moontography has worked on many big projects. 12–20 of them. Including Floki and Zombi Inu.

3 billion + 130 million projects right there.

Moontography only works with people he chooses to. He is very picky about which projects he is involved with. You have to be extremely lucky to be the project who is given permission to work with Mr Moon.

As the famous saying goes:

It’s not what you know, but who you know.

The beautiful bridged launch of $OKLG

Unlike most low cap coins in the community and meme space, OKLG actually planned everything beforehand and released stuff in an organised fashion.

They released with a BSC + ETH bridge.
Made possible by the expert Moontography.

They released with a 3 year liquidity lock.
This means OKLG must have huge plans. There is no way this project can be rug-pulled.

Most meme coins launch with a 30 day lock. Or no lock at all.

They launched with fully working code.

Immediately the OKLG community, the very first investors were able to benefit from all the concepts and ideas OKLG had put in place.

Holders receive special rewards, from a reward pool.

Holders can manually “claim” a reward every 4–24 hours. They receive the reward in either ETH or BNB.

I have never seen this done before in my life. Usually you only get reflections, which make your token total increase.

OKLG actually created a quick website and implemented one of the ideas they had for all to see. Proving the code works.

Most meme coins launch with copy and paste code.
Safemoon was one of the first ever created meme coin contracts. After this, most people just copy the safemoon contract from github or something. And then try to make out it is their own.

So then in the future, if they ever want to change anything. It is extremely difficult because they are not experts. Or the contract is not designed to be edited easily.

OKLG launched with a contract designed from scratch. This was the only way they could have the ability to do what they need to do. To see out their vision.

Much like a video game company creates their own tools, instead of using Unreal Engine.

Where can you buy $OKLG?

Dextools ETH chart

Dextools BSC chart

OKLG Telegram

OKLG is currently available to buy using:

Uniswap (For Ethereum): https://uniswap.org/
Sushiswap (For BSC): https://sushi.com/
Pancake Swap (For BSC): https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

ETH Contract Code: 0x5dbb9f64cd96e2dbbca58d14863d615b67b42f2e
BSC Contract Code: 0x55e8b37a3c43b049dedf56c77f462db095108651

See this video to learn how to buy OKLG on Uniswap.

Potential use cases for $OKLG

Here is where things get interesting, if OKLG can create custom code for literally anything in another crypto project, the world is your oyster. It is down to the creative mind to come up with some ideas.

So here are a few ways I can think of quickly in how OKLG could use their code to improve the crypto space.

Reward influencers based on their social media engagement, directly to the influencers wallet.

Currently social media influencers and shillers have a set price for post a few tweets a month. Or calling a coin in their telegram.

There is absolutely no way in knowing how much performance an influencer will bring to the table.

Sure they might have 100,000 followers, but what is their engagement? How many of those people actually interact with the post?

And how many of those followers which engage, convert into “full paying customers”.

You see it all the time. A shiller will charge £2000. If you are a crypto startup, coming by this kind of money is difficult. Every penny counts. So the startup pays the £2000. Taking a complete gamble.

The shiller will then post it in their group. Most shillers run pump and dump groups. They shill. Their followers “pump” the coin. Then the shiller exits ASAP. Their followers then also dump in a panic.

This means the crypto startup paid £2000, for essentially nothing.

They get no long term engagement. There is no ability to track/pay based on how long a followers stays with the project they invested in.

OKLG could create a competition, or marketing campaign which pays the influencer based on real world performance. Direct to the influencers wallet in Ethereum.

The tokens could come out of the crypto projects marketing wallet. And it could all be automated.

So influencers and shillers out there. If you think you mean something in the crypto world. Back it up!!!! If you think you can change the lives of people out there, why not take payment in proportion to the amount of engagement you ACTUALLY GET ON THE POSTS YOU MAKE FOR THE PROJECT IN QUESTION.

Reward influencers based on their conversion rates from social post, to investor of crypto project.

How many people who follow an influencer, actually turn into holders of the coin they talk about?

How long do those holders, STAY HOLDING?

Do they buy it 1 day, then dump it the very next?

These are all questions than OKLG could answer.

They could easily build tracking, or link up with someone to create the most advanced crypto tracking software in the world.

What’s more, OKLG could pay if holders ONLY hold for a set period of time or more. So anyone that sells a single coin in less than 7 days…. the influencer is not eligible for payment.

Want a follower to hold onto a project for more than a month? OKLG could create a custom reward, so the follower receives a bonus. The influencer could also receive special bonuses for meeting those targets.

This is what real business is about.

This is what builds communities and improves the world.

Imagine influencers vying for your attention and money.

Increase engagement through social media.

OKLG could create custom contracts, which pay every single person who interacts with a given tweet, a portion of a marketing wallet assigned just for that tweet.

People love free money.

People would love to interact with a tweet for taking just 2 seconds of their time to click the button retweet.

It could even be that OKLG increases the bonus you get by 10%, just for doing a single retweet.

The bonus could be paid out in the crypto projects native token.

Or it could be an NFT reward.

Help small NFT projects by creating rewards if someone holds a specific NFT from the collection the community likes?

Many NFT’s are seriously expensive.

There are lots of artists struggling out there.

OKLG could help these smaller artists with less marketing budget to create sales for them.

OKLG could approach a bigger crypto coin and say, “look, let’s create a bonus for your token holders, and get your holders to buy this tiny nft project”.

This helps the big crypto project and small nft artist alike.

Create interesting bonuses for video games

Video games in nft’s are very new still.

OKLG could allow a video game company to implement any kind of custom bonus or reward they want.

If OKLG provides the video game company with the tools, the video game could say….. create a custom character, and if you buy it. You will be eligible for more tokens. Or +30% defensive stats.

Create crypto rewards for video game tournaments

Players in a video game, who win a tournament could be automatically paid in ETH, directly to their wallet.

Create a white-label contract system for new crypto projects lacking funds & take a share of the revenue

OKLG have done all of the hard work.

They have designed a fully working, customisable smart contract.

They could take this contract and allow other crypto projects to use it completely.

OKLG could then instead of charging fees up-front, put a system in place, whereby 1% of every transaction is sent to $OKLG holders.

Think of it like a credit card fee. It’s the cost of doing business with OKLG. Instead of spending 6 months and $40,000+ creating your own custom contract.

1 project does 1 million in the first week.

1% of 1 million = $10,000.
100 projects. = $1,000,000.

Team up with moontography and implement a “powered by OKLG” label.

There are hundreds of meme coins out there which are honeypots or get rugged instantly.

Or the developer has designed a contract which is flawed. Meaning eventually someone who is holding the coin will lose all of their money. Intentional or not by the dev.

The only way potential investors can know for sure if a contract is safe, is if the developer creates a contract, then gets it AUDITED. This costs the big bucks…. and is usually only done by people wishing to get onto Binance. Your contract needs to be top notch.

Tier 1 Listings don’t mess around. They have a reputation to maintain.

Why can’t OKLG create a contract label system, which the crypto space really trusts.

  • A crypto project buys a contract from OKLG
  • Crypto project adds “powered by OKLG label”.
  • Any investor can rest assured the contract is top-notch and the best in class.

Moontography if you are listening. You want to make millions building your bridge business. I suggest you do this.

Reach out to the OKLG people. And set up the paperwork, to allow anyone to “buy” and use your super secret contracts.

Team up with moontography and implement bridges on all contracts.

To go with the point above.

If you are using exactly the same contract. All you need to do is change the logo and the name for the person you are writing it up for.

Then it’s basically free revenue.

Turn OKLG into a well known brand, that is diversified into many well known projects which helps the crypto space.

  • Think website help.
  • Conversion tracking
  • Crypto loans
  • Rug Support Fund

Create a Rug Support Haven to save small investors.

If a project dev say, screw it I am out.

OKLG could step in and save all those poor poor investors.

OKLG could create a new contract for the rugged project. Then airdrop all holders with tokens.

OKLG would have to determine if the project had real potential to succeed. There would need to be profit in it for OKLG.

There might be cases where OKLG could help….. just for the sake of helping out.

If there is a good chance, the project can re-start itself, if it had a new contract. And the community really believed in it. It would make sense to convert the RUG PULL, into an OKLG project.


The business with money knows it can turn the business which owes money around.

They are buying the name for essentially pennies on the dollar. Then it it works, they profit massively.

This crypto transformation rug support fund could act in a similar way.

$OKLG Collateral Lending

OKLG could offer to lend other small crypto projects money.

Then if the small project fails to pay back the money in time, OKLG can simply take over the contract. Getting 100% of the fees, until the money is paid back.

OKLG has the ability to accept payments directly into any wallet. So this could easily be achieved.

Create OKLG franchise-like paperwork and templates

All franchises are required to create an “operations manual”.

OKLG could create something similar.

A “done for you” system, saving new crypto projects hundreds of hours of labour time.

Examples could be:

  • Whitepaper template
  • Whitepaper template explaining custom code and smart contracts
  • Website template
  • Website integration already setup

Website integration already setup

I mean seriously, how many people know how to set up custom reward claims directly in a website?

How many new meme coins have this functionality?

Yeah you guessed right, hardly anyone can do this.

OKLG should harness this power.

Create a white labelled website system, so literally anyone can do this for their own crypto project.

That’s all I can be bothered to think of for now.

Let’s see if the team delivers on their promises.

Who will the dev reveal themselves to be?

Until next time.

Follow OKLG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oklgio
Telegram: https://t.me/ok_lg




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